The change process explained

the change process explaines

Gaining clarity is an open secret that acts lke a powerful step in the right direction to obtain change. Clarity helps creativity to flow and gain confidence to focus in your direction.


What is counselling

Counselling or therapy is the term given to this private process that is used to explore and resolve issues and problems.  By agreement clients enter formal contracts with therapists, who establish a relationship through which they are able to deal with sensitive and challenging situations; including problems that cause deep distresses, resulting from loss or other traumatic occurrences.

Therapy takes place in a private and confidential setting that is conducive to bringing hope to clients who are experiencing a life of despair.  The acceptance, respect, and confidentiality and skills especially listen helps the client to express a range of feelings, thoughts and behaviours; without judgemental attitudes. 

The training, skills and experience of a qualified therapist is able to help the client to increase their clarity and reduce confusion that surrounds their situation.  Therapists do not give advice; however, they do encourage their clients to explore a variety of ways to resolve their issues.  Also they may help their clients to consider what options are opened to them and help them to decide the best for them.

Counselling is a process that is used to engender positive changes that enrich lives, help individuals to reconcile issues of the past in order to face their future with more confidence.


Service accessiblity

We are committed to our relevant therapy service that is accessible to people from different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and social levels; particularly those who would not usually be offered talking therapies although they may be visibly struggling.  In order to relieve undue pressures and inequalities to access psychological services, clients can refer themselves or be referred by an agency. It is our aim to facilitate professional therapeutic relationships which enable clients to leave therapy knowing they have achieved their goals by engaging in the therapeutic process.

As professional practitioners we respect each person’s uniqueness and therefore, our services are to the whole person; mind, body and soul. We take great care to ensure that our interventions are specific to each client; because we recognise that every aspect of each person’s life is vital and needs to be valued. 


Therapeutic approaches

Our philosophy is influenced mainly by the Humanistic and Integrative approach, drawing on different theories. Person Centred and Gestalt therapeutic approaches feature largely in our practice with Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Brief Solution Focused aspects as and when appropriate for the client. However, whilst working with the above theories and skills we bring our own creative flair and expertise to these approaches, causing them to become a more effective and unique tool to use during the sessions.


Problem solvings

Clients are enabled to take full responsibility for their thoughts actions to make decisions to bring about solutions and changes that are beneficial and long lasting.


The Move On

When therapy has ended for issues and problems, some clients choose to mark their achievements by doing or starting a significant project to further enrich their lives or give back to the community.  They can engage in the Go & Succeed online programme with their plans.  Others utlise their learning and take away the tools they used to reach a more fulfilling life and put them into practice as and when needed.