Who is
counselling for?

Our therapy related services are
for people enduring the effects
of abuse, troubled relationships, career stagnation, staff or family issues, loss and bereavement etc.


One to one therapy

In the private one to one sessions individuals are given the space, time, and explorative challenges to be themselves. Here clients generally succeed in areas they previously dismissed as impossible.
> When you remember that the battle is won and lost in the mind, you will remember to use your brain to help you overcome your fiercest challenge.


Couple therapy: pre-marital sessions

These sessions are facilitated toward making the transition from being single to married and managing the variety they will create in the union.  Possible pit falls are highlighted and strategies to learn why they occur and how to overcoming them are discussed.
> In the sessions you will gain some tips and strategies that you can both use after the great wedding day and as a reminder for choosing to do the right thing.


Couple therapy: when married life does not meet your expectations

Professional help is a great way to invest into making your marriage work, and it takes two. You will be glad when you realise that some of the most despairing situations can be changed in to positive and productive ones, so don’t delay seek help early.
> No shame & no blame. You will not be judged, you will be helped to understand yourself and each other better and the final resolution will be achieved by both of you.


Workshop, seminars and training sessions

With ability to communicate at different levels, to groups large or small; sessions can be designed and conducted to meet the needs of leaders, workers and interested individuals. This type of training is generally participative. There is a willingness to produce specific programmes by negotiation.


Herbalife for Inner and Outer Nutritional Health

Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Sessions.
To Tone up, Lose or Gain Weight?
T: Carol 07973 616476, Novelette 07831 576921 or turn up
Hosted by Independent Herbalife Distributors
Carol Brown, Novelette Aldred & Justin Rowe
Every Thursday 19:00 - 20:30 - Free Entry
AT: 122 Aberdeen St, Winson Green B18 7DL

Visit the web shop at: http://novelettealdred.hblf.net or call Novelette on 07831 576 921 0r 0121 554 2595 or Email: novelettealdred@btinternet.com


Go & Succeed programme online

This is a personal service done with professionals on line to ensure a successful transition to achieve a specific goal. Whilst other achievements are reached through group engagements; yet all for success in personal and public life, the workplace, family and relationships.


Supervision & mentoring

Supervision is offered to therapists Qualified and in Training.