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Chill out

This is a relaxation CD with a difference. Chill out to the soothing voice of Novelette Aldred (MSc) accompanied by the captivating music by Andrew Campbell. You can choose to Chill Out with 'Me Time', get powered up to deal with boring or challenging meetings, become energised for action or studying.


Break the routine

What ever is your routine day or night, use this recording to your best advantage.  So if you; lack sleep, run around after children, sit in an office, or always on the go, take a break and have some 'Me Time'; you will feel much better for it!


Clear thinking

In your very own 'Me Time' you can experience 'Getting Away' to your favourite place and relieve yourself from toxic thoughts that prevent you from enjoying life.



Price £7.00 + £1.50 p&p  from Tranquility Counselling Service. Make a request of the CD by phone on 0121 554 4446 or by email at